Saturday, February 5, 2011


hello dearies! im back, chuckles! :):):)
新年快乐! happy bunny hopping chinese new year!

Friday, January 30, 2009

hello magis back...mag-is back....

hello mag-is back
times are bad
what else.

2months since i raved.
there are so many things to do
so much things to manage
everything demands a balance

time to get serious when things are
time to chill when we should
time to shout when we should
time to go to bed we should
time to get off gmail for a day we should
time we should jus smile at everything we should

because there is no time to feel angered or frustrated
time is just too precious

till then

Sunday, November 30, 2008

.in thoughts.

been in thoughts these days'

work had caught up a huge portion of me
trying hard to catch up with social life
met some friends over lunch before going to work

theres quite abit on my mind
things like...

marriage in 3-4 years time
relocating in many aspects
perhaps trying out a new life
studying my masters..
what i am called to do now in life in regards to ministry
where i am going to be in years to come
depends on decision made today or now..
it may be years to come..
but time seem to pass quite fast..

alot came to mind...
maybe im jus getting old..hah..
but im glad at least i start thinking..
had a warm talk with ow today
talk abit with dam..

clearing my leave next week...
monday - dinner with saccre youth service team
tues - swimming + fix up dental appt
wed - swimming + go shoopping with ow + meet korea people for dinner + hollywood secrets
thur - perhaps go collect standard chartered package
fri - hair appointment + meet zenn + movie
its going to be writing xmas cards week too!

im missing some friends in my mind too
i wish i could make time to meet them up.

xmas! and i am on shift.
meaning i cannot really do xmas meet-ups

wish i could get more pressies..laughs

alrite. time to try to sleep.
bioclock is rather distorted.

xmas lights are great at orchard.
check them out.
better still if u have your SLR..

my thoughts are still roaming.. i hope and pray...
directions are clearer in time to come..


Monday, November 10, 2008


yup. mag is still awake
her bioclock is just tuned to slp at 3-4am everyday
thanks to her shift timings!
having hearty dinners at 10plus like fast food and unhealthy food without any guilt
occassionally get to eat havelock road bah kut teh!
her most challenging period in CLSA she must say
especially getting involved with AS400.
but i still love my work :0)

for the past weeks or even months markets have been quite crazy
couldnt imagine that faithful day at work
everything just went hay wire
like the first crisis ive been through since i started work
perhaps looking within the crisis is something that we should be doing
the lessons to be learnt and how we could manage it better
like i believe how asians can go through this crisis together
with the lessons learnt from the Asian Crisis
the days ahead seem to be bleak to tons of people out there
but stay hopeful and have confidence with leaders of the world.
part and parcel of life that we need to learn how to adapt.
watch out for Obama :)

there seem to be tons of things to look forward in the midst of that hazy clouds
thinking what to cook out on my next leave day seem interesting...
checked out some periodicals from borders
christmas is coming too! that reminds mag of christmas list!
thinking if mag and damian should go on a trip next year end sounds interesting too..gee*
ministry work need to be at the brim of all these too

bro is going to UK with dad this week
checking out there before he head off to study there for the next 3 years
thats the time im going leech on his accomodation...evil laughs*

Catching up with several people for lunch around this week
tomorrow will be Monday Madness as usual.
i believe.

im still so awake!

she prays that tomorrow will be a good day!

Monday, September 29, 2008

wot' the midst.& yet to come

what's over.
the First ever FI Night race which SG hosted
ex-dept boss msged me today: "mag, are you going office today to watch?"
i remembered the "vrooming" that raced thru CLSA staffs that made even the bosses so excited
work actually stopped for at least 1 min i suppose rushing to the window pane of that 19th level
during the test practice race on Friday
the whole week was bad week for people coming to work in City Hall area
watched the whole race today @ orchard Parade Hotel. Thanks to Boss--co..
we had fun. it so much fun watching on TV actually and i reckoned is so much better
so its pizza+chips+big glup with F1 @ orchard Hotel
Congrats Alonso =)

my morning shift is over

ISAO Leader's Conference @ Jakarta is over

25th birthday is over

what else.

in the midst?

US worst financial crisis since the Great Depression
700 billion bailout which is the most amount pumped out to avert a crisis
The Americans ain't happy about this 700 bill bailout

this is going to haunt alot of other countries globally including the Asian markets
the different election parties have to come together to come together to make a common decision
marks the end of BIG banks who once holds a portion of banker's desired career

Soured Mortgage Investments surfaced and lead to Lehman's bankruptcy & Merill's independence.
Bank runs which i thought will never happen when i studied about them in school slowly surfaced out.

Lessons to be learnt.
i guess this downturn will take at least 5 years or more to recover at least i would say in the US
till investor's confidence are gained.
at least the media have a part to play here..

yet to come

xmas shopping!
favourite time of the year

my afternoon shift with happening colleagues
the challenge taking on the Singapore Market with AS400
starting work at 4pm can be a challenge
because its most markets closing time..
i seriously duno how its going to be like..
im sure its a matter of getting use to..

Hope Run on Sunday...
Standard Chartered Run in Dec..
& these 10km..

update till then

Time to slp!
trying to get my self awake till 1am
when i finish work the next 3mths!

so now is time to slp!


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Testimony - First Asia-Oceania CCR (Catholic Charismatic Renewal) Conference


Its just yesterday that I came back from Jakarta Indonesia for First Asia-Oceania CCR (Catholic Charismatic Renewal) Conference organized by ISAO (ICCRS Sub-Committee for Asia-Oceania) and with great eagerness I would like to share this wonderful and awesome experience with all of you!

This is the first time I attended an international charismatic conference, and with the intention to just go there and receive, this 5 days conference had given me more than just to receive but had opened the eyes of my heart even more than I thought I would receive. There were very little young adults/youths in the midst of this conference making us the minority of the crowd however this had given me even more privilege to be part of this conference. This allows me not only to gain and learn more about leadership in CCR but also to mingle with the elders and the more experienced, and to gain their perspective which is indeed crucial for the young adults and youth groups.

I have met a lot of leaders from lay people, priests, and religious brothers and sisters to bishops around our regions and inspiring speakers like Michelle Moran (President of ICCRS) and Cyril John (Chairman of ISAO) and Father Rufus who spoke about CCR, Leadership and Chrisms. These people working in the renewal for quite sometime brought great insights to me with their precious experience that touches my heart.

I was reminded of the nature of CCR, how the renewal exist not to bring people into CCR but to help people live a new life in the power of the Holy Spirit. I believe this is exactly the driving reason for us to want to evangelize and to continue to be part of this renewal believing that this is the sovereign work of the Holy Spirit among us Catholics.

I remembered vividly words spoken by Michelle.
“The Grace of the Holy Spirit is not just for us but is for the whole church and the whole world”, and “We are not only to transform our life but to ultimately transform the people around us, we need to choose being transformed by the Holy Spirit daily.”

This conference had given me the opportunities to speak and share with the leaders from over Asia Oceania over the overflowing meals (5 a day!) and sharing groups.

With God blessings, I have a sharing group consisting of 1 brother from India, 2 Indonesians, 1 French, who resides in Thailand for 16 years, 1 Australian, and 2 Malaysians. The sharings were good and we were quite bonded in praying for and with each other. I remembered the 2nd sharing session we had we were the last group to leave the hall and we hope that the day just do not end there. Having able to hear them and also other countries during the rest the conference, I felt how fortunate we are as Singaporeans that we do not feel discriminated in our religion and Singapore being a small country is easier to manage. It’s quite disheartening especially when I talk to people from countries like Thailand and Japan where it is very hard to evangelize and talk about our religion openly. I was talking to the head of Japan CCR when he told me that it is very hard to evangelize to the youths especially because they are very individualistic. Different country sharings during the conference make me feel the same way as well as they share their statistic and what issues they are facing now. Many indeed need our prayers.

Language barrier may be a problem when communicating at times throughout the conference but the universal language of love can be seen throughout the conference, the eagerness and the zeal especially to go forth for our Lord Jesus Christ.

Eucharistic celebrations were majestic and awesome together with all other bishops and our very own Archbishop, Nicholas Chia and all the other priests around Asia Oceania. Holy hour gives us much time to adore our precious Lord and we were allow time for confession. The 3rd day of the conference is the most tiring and yet remarkable one. 5 of us the youths, Jasmine, Sury, Jacob and Alfred together with myself were given a great opportunity to work with the adults in the music ministry for the conference. People throughout the conference remembered us by singing on stage and affirmed us quite abit. Singing not only for normal praise and worship, leading all the adults into the action songs was and singing for mass that day was quite a joyous experience. The energy of the elders and adults were definitely not to be under estimated, singing and dancing in the one Spirit of our Awesome Lord.

Workshops were also one of the main part of the conference, attending the youth workshop, gave me an opportunity to sit together with other leaders who also work with the youths or the younger people. I had a chance to present the idea of having a youth council in ISAO as part of my small group sharing within which we thought is vitally essential to groom the next generation of leaders of ISAO but with the guidance of the elders.

Healing and Ministering at the last day of the Conference were good as we were prayed over by the leaders mainly priests and committee of ISAO before the next day when we minister to over 7000 Indonesians in the “Revival & Healing Rally”. The choir during the rally sang so majestically that I felt so in heaven. We were paired up and to pray over for the people of Indonesia. That night like what Cyril John mentioned during the rally, we felt how the apostles felt during the day of Pentecost. I had again great opportunity to pair up with a priest from Marshall Island to pray for the Indonesians that need healing. It’s certainly a humbling experience and with great pleasure when he thank me for assisting him throughout.
Last and not the least, I would really want to applaud the hospitality of the Indonesians. They have helped and have made every single bit of the conference remarkable. Taking care of every detail of the conference to make the participants feel so welcomed. This started not only at the conference itself but from the pick-up point at the airport to the last day when we leave for the airport. Singing of worship songs were sang first in English then in Bahasa during the Rally (considering that 7000 Indonesians were there and not all knew English). The little things that they helped make a difference.

I seriously encourage and pray that leaders of the CCR not only the adults but the youths would find every opportunity to experience this in future not only to receive and be reminded about our mission and vision but to network with other leaders of the CCR from different parts of the world to gain a macro perspective and to re-think what we are able to do and help the Catholics in Singapore to live a new life in the Holy Spirit there-after to continue this zeal to carry on in leadership in the renewal.

In Christ’s Love & Mine
Magdalene Yun

Livingstones Campus Outreach

Sunday, September 7, 2008

a quarter century old

today's a tiring day
when to CAYC for SALT Retreat
had sausage muffin with egg for breakfast
its 2 days in a row already..hah..

delivered a talk on - The Mind of A Leader
Conformation Vs Transformation
been long since i delivered a talk
thought i would take less than 30 mins
but it took around an hour.
Need more practice..heh..

After lunch is quite sleepy
almost fell asleep.
lucky Owster did some activity.
the Ow that always put me into the deep..

It ended with Mass @ Nativity
Msgr Eugene Vaz gave the homily
Pretty long mass...but a good one...

Since LS decided to had dinner with me
the birthday girl..hehe..
i wanted to decide on a crabby dinner
but we ended up at chomp chomp instead

had tons of yummie food
hanto for ice cream
sweet secret cake as birthday cake
is joycey birthday as well
our birthday on 8 sep..
Marilyn i realised also on 8 sep?
Emmeline on 7 sep?
Hendry 11 Sep?
many ppl birthday on sep

september babies are kewl.
we rox. yay!

ok is 12am now - mag officially quarter century old!
first person that buzz my phone: Waihoong!

second person that buzz my phone: Damian!
third person that buzz my phone: Stella!
fourth person that buzz my phone: Christopher Ow!
first person that buzz me on gmail chat: Elaine!
second person that buzz me on gmail chat: Simon Sin!
first person that buzz me on msn: CXR!


a quarter century old
is old

Just had an update on my Nike Run
Finished the Race - 1:31 '12"
i think thats pretty cool for a start..

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